I Just Got the Affordable Housing Bomb Dropped on Me – Where Do I Start?

I Just Got the Affordable Housing Bomb Dropped on Me – Where Do I Start?


Affordable Housing obligations keep many New Jersey Mayors and City Administrators awake at night. Even if you have been through the process before, receiving an order from your Superior Court Judge to build several affordable housing units on a strict deadline sparks pressure, anxiety, and even downright fear.

Take a Deep Breath

Rehabco is here to help, specializing in Community Development Planning and Housing Rehabilitation Program Administration and Affordable Housing Program Management. First, we need to know where your affordable housing is going to be situated, how many units must be filled, and if there is any housing rehabilitation involved. From there we
can take the necessary steps to develop an administrative strategy.


Writing an affordable housing application for potential applicants requires knowledge and expertise. Rehabco establishes acceptance and income criteria, develops a customized application, and then receives and reviews all applications submitted for eligibility.


Putting the time in to publicize an affordable housing program can be very challenging for busy City Administrators with lean staffing. Rehabco gets your application in the hands of low and moderate-income residents through advertising and social media channels. That includes making people aware of the application deadline, (advertising bilingually, as needed), ensuring an open and fair process, and, in the case of housing rehabilitation, overseeing contractors.


Placing an affordable housing applicant isn’t as simple as checking Item 11 on their 1040; assets, additional income sources and many other factors must also be considered. We have to cross-check every application several times and certify the approved applicants as income qualified.

Another key consideration with affordable housing programs is bedroom distribution. Allowing a 5-person family to be placed into a 2-bedroom unit can compromise a program to housing advocates and/or the state government.


A live lottery held at a public venue keeps affordable housing placement transparent. Rehabco will arrange and advertise your lottery, distribute lottery numbers, and conduct the lottery itself. We are one of the few companies possessing the machine used for these lotteries.


When the lottery is complete, we conduct another round of screening and background checks. Then, we hand a list of the income eligible lottery winners to the developer and your obligations are fulfilled. Administering affordable housing doesn’t have to be difficult, Rehabco has served as the Administrative Agent for 1,700 affordable homes and has supervised in the rehabilitation of more than 2,500 homes throughout New Jersey. Contact us today.